Target materials

The properties of a good target material are:

For the dynamic nuclear polarization the materials have to be doped with free radicals. Two different ways are usual:



Important target materials are Butanol, Ammonia, Li-Hydrides and their deuterated counterparts. A very interesting material is HD, because of the maximal content of polarizable nucleon.

The 6LiD although also is a very promising material: The larmor frequency is very close to that of the deuteron, so it is obvious that the 6Li is a compound of an alpha and a deuteron.

In the following pictures different target materials are shown: Butanol is chemically doped , Ammonia and Li-Hydrides are doped in an intensive electron beam at the Bonn linear accelerator:

Butanol with Porphyrexide


LiD or LiH

Butanol with CrV complexes