Project E: Open charm decays of exotics

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Miriam Fritsch

The first important objective is the simultaneous extraction and investigation of the cross section behavior of 16 different e+eDDX channels in dependence on the center of mass energy (above 4 GeV ) where the D stands for neutral and charged D or D* mesons and the X for charged and neutral π mesons. This project also includes the search for resonant, and maybe exotic structures decaying to these open charm final states. The investigation of hidden charm decays and the inclusive analysis of the recoil spectra of light quarks, charmed mesons, baryons and hyperons are performed within the RP Peters and final states with baryon-antibaryon decays are part of the RP Khoukaz. It is very important to combine the results of the three Research Projects in order to get a comprehensive picture e.g. for the exotic states. Additional analyses are also performed by other collaborators from BESIII who are not being part of this research proposal.

In detail we plan the following topics:

  • I Exclusive reconstruction of all 16 DD and DDX.
  • II Inclusive resonstruction of 11 DD and DDX reaction channels, with at least one D*.
  • III Interpretation of the results using amplitude analysis techniques.
  • IV Participation in data taking, development of data analysis tools and quality assurance.