Seminar: Experimental Methods in Nuclear and Particle Physics (160420) 2023


Course id:   160420
Credit points:   2
Date Time Room
Fridays (Tuesdays) 10:00 – 12:00 NB 2/158

  Lecturer: Prof. Dr. U. Wiedner


Tuesday  4.4.23 10:15 Distribution of the talks

If you are interested in the seminar, please send an e-mail to the seminar leader by 2.4.


Date Topic Speaker
Tu 4.4.23 Vorbesprechung
Fr 14.4.23 Language model based tracking algorithm for the Straw Tube Tracker of the PANDA experiment Jakapat Kannika
Fr 21.4.23 Study of the electron-positron annihilation into KsKπ with the SND detector Valentin Kladov
Fr. 28.4.23 Search for Pentaquark States in Au+Au Collisions at √sNN = 39 GeV with the STAR Experiment at RHIC using Machine Learning Techniques Saket Sahu
Tu 9.5.23 Untersuchung der chi_cj-Zerfälle in π+ ππ0 π0 bei BESIII Julia Hoff
Fr 12.5.23 Entdeckung der W und Z-Bosonen Manuel Gomez Garcia
Tu 16.5.23 Analyse der χcj -Zerfälle in K+ K− π0 π0 bei BESIII Amelie Rau
Tu 23.5.23 Entdeckung der leichten Mesonresonanzen rho, omega und eta Moritz Terwissen
Fr 26.5.23 Towards a search for the N(1720) double resonance in pion-proton collisions with HADES Jan Gollub
Fr 23.6.23 Masterarbeit Emma van der Smagt
Fr 30.6.23 Masterarbeit Max Stolte

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