Seminar: Experimental Methods in Nuclear and Particle Physics (160420)


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Date    Time Room
Tuesday 09:00 – 11:00 NB2/158


 Lecturer: Prof. Dr. U. Wiedner




Date Title Speaker
13.11.18 Development of a Data Acquisition System for the Custom Front-End Prototypes of the PANDA Micro Vertex Detector And Study of the Reaction pp –> Xsi−Xsi+pi+pi− Ale Lai
13.11.18 (Master thesis) Ashish Thampi
04.12.18 HADES Daniel Gockel
22.01.18 CERN Helios (NA34) und NA49 Tim Schwabe
29.01.19 (Master thesis) Jakapat Kannika
29.01.19 cancelled (Master thesis) Anna Scholl


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