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Research group of Prof. Dr. Mikhail Mikhasenko

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The LHCb group at the Institute of Experimental Hadron Physics is focused on advancing heavy-flavor exotic spectroscopy as a part of the LHCb collaboration at CERN. Our goal is to unravel the complex interactions and exotic states formed by strong interaction at low energy as tetraquarks and pentaquarks. Our team is also instrumental in the operation and upcoming upgrade of the SciFi (Scintillating Fiber) tracking detector, a vital element for downstream tracking of particles produced in high-energy collisions at the LHCb experiment.

LHCb detector

View of the LHCb detector from the event display (From:

In parallel, our group plays a significant role in the COMPASS experiment at CERN’s Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS). After years of intensive operation (2002-2023), COMPASS has shifted to a phase focused on data analysis. Our current research is centered on unraveling the mysteries of light hadronic matter in its most extreme forms, including hybrid mesons, hadronic molecules, and glueballs.

In both the LHCb and COMPASS endeavors, we extensively employ advanced techniques like machine learning and high-performance computing. Machine learning algorithms are pivotal in sifting through the vast datasets to identify rare and intriguing particle interactions and states. High-performance computing, on the other hand, is essential for simulating particle collisions and understanding the intricate dynamics with involved reaction-amplitude studies.

LHCb detector schematic

Picture of the LHCb setup (upgrade 1) (from:

In case you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis please contact Prof. Dr. Mikhail Mikhasenko.